What's the Next Big Thing?

B’wanna-wanna’B©2017 (SOCAN)


What’s the next big thing?
Strangers appear
Always looking hungry
Harbingers of fear
Crystalline perception
Pharmaceutically laced   
Pathological behavior   
Eradicated and cleansed         
Draw a deep breath my dreamy-eyed son
The world’s in a motion of perpetual ruin
Apathetic opposition to the cynics laying waste    
Escape reality with a dreamy-eyed gaze
My son,
Wild-eyed son
Angry young one
What’s the next big thing?
Geopolitical shift
Arab spring
With an Asian twist
London isn’t calling
Economies fail
Relationships crumble
The orb is frail
Lay your cards on the table put your balls in the vice
Lazy-ass boys’ let’em get out an’ fight
Revolutionaries on a Facebook page
Unapologetic for incendiary rage
My son,
Wild-eyed son
Angry young one
What’s the next big thing?
Commander in Chief
Annihilation Declaration
Accelerating to the brink
Handsome in your Flak Jacket
Burned in effigy
Justice and Consequence
Spinning Democratically 
Take a penetrating look at the wild-eyed sons
And the pain on their faces when the killing is done
A morose act of duty burns an image in your head
Where has all your innocence gone?
My son,
Wild-eyed son
Angry young one

~ Friends from a Distance




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