1. AudioSexual

From the recording AudioSexual

The AudioSexual Soul is often typified by musically inspired mental flights between fantasy and reality. Uncontrolled it can lead to a downward spiral, leaving the AudioSexual broken, broke, alone, and wanting. Those possessing an AudioSexual Soul desire a creative musical experience sequestered in an intimate space, nurturing lyric, tune and performance, to the detriment of, well, almost everything! AudioSexuality can be unhealthy, disturbing, hard on relationships, the ego, and spirit. It can also be passionate, fulfilling, therapeutic, and rewarding (hardly ever financially). It is addictive. Self-destructive. Often closeted, the AudioSexual can become introverted and alone, working their craft for a worthy offering to the creative process. Though sometimes fearing rejection & ridicule, Studies suggest the most gratifying AudioSex-ing is being together with like-minded, crazed, inspired and talented musos’ (musicians), cultivating the fruit of the songwriter’s labor. Lyric and crudely structured arrangements, honed and transformed into pieces of AudioArt, enhanced by the intoxication of their own spirit & soul robbing AudioSexual tendencies. Alas, AudioSexual Soul, we cloister together again; self-soothing, misunderstood - pretentious perpetrators of expression...... pursuers of "the dream".


As sophisticated as we like to pretendIt’s more complicated than we’d ever admitThe Prodigy of the SymphonyPlays his insides out in an abstract key She’s a basket weaving intellectualDistinctively styled emasculating and coldAn underling of the elitist crowdAlleged to be AudioSexual  High Strung FlirtationDemoralizing and drollWhen we hit the noteShe begins to floatCasting off her shoesAs we hold the ropeOutta TuneAudioSexual Working the Room                                                                                                               Otis got busted but he used to make us laughGentle with the children but a bastard to the lawDeceptively deep charismatic and coolPurported to be AudioSexual Elegant obscurity Duke of EnterpriseClueless endeavor scheme gone awryControversial subject never disclosedHe never profaned a disparaging soul High Rollin’ SensationIntimidating controlWhen we hit the note He begins to floatKicking off his bootsHolding on to the ropeHabitual AudioSexual Immersed in the Blues                       Walking on egg-shellsWith a limp and a crutchAudioSexualsLosin’ their touch….