From the recording A Serious Transmission


Serious transmissionsInterrupting our livesWe need comic reliefThese are relentless timesStreet Prophet Fakers     We are loathe to emulate               It’s hard to find a heroWho still walks straightWith their secrets and their dungeonsTheir bones and their skulls Encrypting serious transmissions Inciting chaos throughout the world Even when it seemed we were lostSatellites were tracking us overheadGenetic codes and mutant strainsEuthanized and jettisoned into the abyssThere were times we waited up for youWe waited on your loveAnd when we thought we’d lost youWe became frantic and distraughtThere were times I felt like choking youOther times just give you a hugSerious transmissionsHave a way of waking us up Isolation breeds Social malcontentIntensifying angerPunishing the innocentSolace in collectiveA viral link of liesStealth like opportunistsOppress and demoralize With their secrets and their dungeonsTheir bones and their skullsEncrypting serious transmissionsInciting chaos throughout the world Recognize your FateLoved Ones and FriendsSerious TransmissionsInterrupting Us Again We need Comic ReliefPhilosophical ChangeSpiritual ConnectionThose with ears let them hear Epitaph and MythProphecy and DanceLyric and TuneOminous Sky and Blood Red Moon In Tweets and BlogsSatellite and WebA Flash in the HeavensA Voice Within  Recognize your Hope                        Loved Ones and Friends                       Serious transmissions  Interrupting us again