From the recording What's the Next Big Thing?


 What’s the next big thing?Strangers appearAlways looking hungryHarbingers of fearCrystalline perceptionPharmaceutically laced   Pathological behavior   Eradicated and cleansed         Draw a deep breath my dreamy-eyed sonThe world’s in a motion of perpetual ruinApathetic opposition to the cynics laying waste     Escape reality with a dreamy-eyed gazeMy son,Wild-eyed sonAngry young one What’s the next big thing?Geopolitical shiftArab springWith an Asian twistLondon isn’t callingEconomies failRelationships crumbleThe orb is frailLay your cards on the table put your balls in the viceLazy-ass boys’ let’em get out an’ fight Revolutionaries on a Facebook pageUnapologetic for incendiary rageMy son,Wild-eyed sonAngry young one What’s the next big thing?Commander in ChiefAnnihilation DeclarationAccelerating to the brinkHandsome in your Flak JacketBurned in effigyJustice and ConsequenceSpinning Democratically Take a penetrating look at the wild-eyed sons And the pain on their faces when the killing is doneA morose act of duty burns an image in your headWhere has all your innocence gone?My son, Wild-eyed sonAngry young one